BVB Accretio for acid-loving crops

The secret of the new BVB Quick Rooting Acid Loving Substrate is in BVB Accretio. BVB Accretio is a new, more sustainable raw material. Its unique physical and chemical properties help crops to develop strong root systems more quickly.

Quick rooting

Most acid-loving crops are known to have finely branched, thin and sensitive root systems. It’s important that a substrate encloses the roots well while providing sufficient drainage, which ensures the availability of much needed air to the plant.

Recent research shows that adding BVB Accretio to substrates benefits the rooting speed of crops due to the increased porosity of the mixture. That way water distributes quickly and evenly throughout the substrate. BVB Accretio also ensures that the plant roots can access water at any time due to the improved water holding capacity it adds to the substrate. This way a fitting amount of easily available water is ensured. Having access to appropriate amounts of water when needed is highly important to ensure a quick growth of strong and elaborate root systems.

Tailored for acid-loving crops

The chemical characteristics of BVB Accretio prove to be particularly suitable for acid-loving crops in other ways as well. For example, the pH level in this raw material is naturally low. BVB Accretio also, like peat, provides a good pH-buffer. This steadies the pH level throughout the growing stages, making the mixture reliable and stable. Check out our special BVB Quick Rooting Acid Loving Substrate which is developed specifically to fit the needs of acid-loving crops.

BVB Accretio – a sustainable raw material

When we talk about BVB Accretio, we are referring to the almost 400 species belonging to the genus of sphagnum moss. Finland has approximately 300.000 hectares of land area suitable for the collection of this moss. Sphagnum moss is a renewable material, meaning it grows back after harvesting. It grows approximately 10 mm per year. The collecting cycle is estimated to be 20-30 years and research shows that the harvest doesn’t negatively affect the environment.

In addition to the fact that the extraction of the raw material has minimal impact on the ecosystem, it also has a relatively low specific weight. This means that the transport of BVB Accretio has a small environmental footprint.

Our expert Product Manager for Tree Nurseries, Bram van Bommel can tell you all about the benefits of adding BVB Accretio to mixtures for acid-loving crops.