Tree Nursery

BVB Substrates provides a wide range of growing media for the tree nursery industry. The ideal substrates mix will be tailored depending on your pots size, cultivation- and water system the ideal composition, but in general we offer products from 5 different product lines.

Product lines for Tree Nurseries

VIVA Excellent

The top-quality substrates within the VIVA Excellent line offer a good structure and high air-filled porosity, meaning that there is lots of air available to the roots. Due to high drainage excess water from heavy rain will not cause any issues for the plants. VIVA Excellent products offer optimised performance and boost strong root development.

These mixtures are available for various pot sizes.

VIVA Green

VIVA Green is the most sustainable choice within the portfolio. It contains up to 30% more complementary raw materials.
The air-filled porosity within these mixtures is on a good level. And good structure and drainage ensure your plants get the support they need.

VIVA Shield pH

Substrates from the VIVA Shield pH product line help acid-loving plants thrive. This specialised product line offers acid-loving plants of different sizes the support they need.

VIVA Shield pH mixtures provide a high pH buffer. The specialised substrates within this product line can be tailored to the needs of specialties like hydrangea, helleborus, erica calluna and rhododendrons.

VIVA Multi

The VIVA Multi products are highly suitable for perennials and shrubs, as well as plants in bigger pots. BVB Substrates offers specialised mixtures for these different pot sizes. Due to the increased structure and air porosity, these substrates won’t compact over time.

VIVA All-Round

The VIVA All-Round product line includes versatile, easy-to-use substrates. The products from the VIVA All-Round line can be used for various pot sizes and offer good structure and adequate air content.

BVB TopClean

In addition to substrates and fertilisers, we have developed a suitable covering agent that is ideal for use at the tree nursery. This cover agent called BVB TopClean prevents the growth of moss and weeds, without impeding the growth of the plant.



In many cases, extra fertiliser is added for outdoor cultivation. Depending on the wishes of the customer, regular, organic, or slow-release fertilisers are used. The percentage of fertilisers is based on the duration of the cultivation and whether or not there are possibilities for extra fertilisation later on. With the FMTM (Fertilising Made To Measure) program developed by BVB Substrates, we can determine what type of fertiliser and what amount of it to add in a mixture; tailored to the needs of the plant and the growing methods used.


Plant enhancers can be added to our mixture. Plant enhancers encourage plants to make antibodies against pests and diseases. This way plants develop a better root system with more root hairs. By using natural (fungal) enhancers, among other things, it is possible to grow with fewer artificial fertilizers and fewer crop protection agents. Our plant enhancers are products that occur freely in nature. They are not harmful to the environment.


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