BVB Quick Rooting Acid Loving Substrate

We'd like to introduce the new product in the BVB Substrates portfolio: BVB Quick Rooting Acid Loving Substrate. This mixture is suitable for the cultivation of acid-loving crops.

General information

This substrate mixture is suitable for the cultivation of acid-loving crops such as Rhododendron, Azalea, Vaccinium, Calluna, Erica, Galtheria, Leucothoe and Pieris.

These crops are known to have finely branched, thin, sensitive root systems. It is important that the substrate in which the plant grows encloses the roots well. In addition the roots need a substrate that offers enough airiness and stability, has good water absorption and distribution characteristics. BVB Quick Rooting Acid Loving Substrate provides all of this, ensuring excellent growth.

Technical benefits

This new substrate ensures a faster and better branching root formation in acid-loving crops due to the following properties:

  • Ensured long-term stability;
  • Perfect enclosure of the fine roots;
  • Ideal water absorption rates;
  • Excellent water distribution characteristics.

This creates the ideal physical and chemical mixture for acid-loving crops. Depending on the growing time, CRF can be added at request of the customer.


The BVB Quik Rooting Acid Loving Substrate contains BVB Accretio. BVB Accretio is made of sphagnum moss which regrows within 20-30 years after harvest, making it a renewable material. In addition, the harvesting areas don’t release carbon dioxide due to the harvest of BVB Accretio, because the water levels aren’t affected.

We can calculate the environmental footprint of our mixtures to show the sustainability of our substrates.



Would you like to learn more about this excellent new substrate for acid-loving crops? Please contact our expert Product Manager Bram van Bommel:

Bram van Bommel (