Ornamental plants

BVB Substrates offers several tailor-made growing media for the cultivation of various ornamental plants, such as bedding plants, flowering pot plants, green plants and orchids.

Growing media for ornamental plants

We offer high-quality growing media for bedding plants, flowering pot plants and green plants. Depending on the exact requirements of the crops and the circumstances at your facilities, the optimal mixture will be composed by our Sales Advisors.

Our growing media are made from a variety of excellent raw materials. High-quality European peat often is one of the main components in our mixtures. We also mix in additional materials to achieve the best physical and chemical properties. Some of these raw materials are:

  • Premium cocopeat
  • Wood fiber
  • Perlite


In terms of the market share, Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the largest plant families grown in greenhouses all over the world. Our orchid growing media meets the highest standards for orchid cultivation. The orchid market is very dynamic and is constantly changing, so we closely monitor these changes. Together with our in-house laboratories, we offer the best solutions to adequately respond to the latest changes and developments. Both growing methods and environmental developments are important factors for us.

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Orchid growing media

Orchids grow best when they have plenty of light. However, when a grower adds more light, the plants will demand more water. Thanks to new ways of humidification, the growers are now able to meet these needs. However, this recent development calls for changes in the growing media composition.

Larger pieces of bark were the main ingredient before – but a lot of growers now need mixtures with smaller bark fractions and cocochips mixed in.

BVB Substrates also offers orchid growing media with added perlite, rock wool and coco.

Premium quality bark

High quality bark is one of the main components of the growing media for orchids. We only use bark that originates from European plantations. The reason we choose to do so is because the weather conditions in these countries (Portugal and Spain) are ideal for the pine trees that provide the bark. This benefits and improves the quality of the bark as a raw material. After the bark has been stripped from the trunk, it is broken down into the right fractions and sieved. Impurities like sapwood are removed during this process. Finally, the bark undergoes a steam treatment, after which it is ready to be used in our growing media.

Fraction sizes

Different growing methods call for different fraction sizes. That’s why we have invested in a state-of-the-art bark sorting machine that perfectly sorts the bark into the following fractions:

  • Bark 15-20 mm
  • Bark 12-15 mm
  • Bark 8-12 mm
  • Bark 0-8 mm

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