BVB Substrates: the best growing media

BVB Substrates is one of the expert brands of growing media of the producer and supplier Kekkilä-BVB. With over 100 years of experience, this Dutch brand has become the European market leader for professional growers, and is known as a reliable supplier of high quality products. Now, these excellent products are also available to you in the United States of America!

Crop-specific growing media

We offer crop-specific, high-quality growing media and additional products for professional growers and the global horticultural industry. Different crops have different needs and specific growing methods call for the right growing media. That’s why we produce tailor-made mixtures that help our growers achieve the best results possible.

We focus on the success of our customers by supporting professional growers with our expert knowledge, efficient logistics and reliable products made of the best raw materials. To ensure constant high quality and reliability, our products are tested in technically-advanced laboratories and test areas.

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We produce growing media for different types of berries, young plants & propagation, ornamental plants and leafy greens & herbs. We also offer mushroom casing soil.

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