Interview: Blumenparadies Hasselt

Blumenparadies Hasselt is located right between the German cities of Kleef, Kalkar and Goch. The heart of every gardener will beat faster seeing the wide range on offer at this garden centre on 5,500 square metres. Bedding and balcony plants, roses, hydrangeas and house plants are some of the specialties on offer. ‘We try to delight our customers with ready-made concepts. BVB Substrates' special Jardino potting soils perfectly complement this.' says manager Richard Aymans.

Interview with Vlasman Nursery

Since October 2018, Luuk van der Burg is the proud owner of Vlasman, a pot plant nursery in Mijdrecht. ‘It’s Richard Bremmer, sales advisor at BVB Substrates’ fault,’ he laughs. ‘He put me into contact with the previous owner, and now look what has happened.’ The 32-year-old entrepreneur is happy with the step he has taken and is very proud of his company. ‘It is a nursery with a beautiful product: Saintpaulia. Doesn’t this plant cheer you up?’

Burgeoning market for blueberry growing in South Africa

The figures certainly speak volumes. At the start of 2018, the land used for blueberry cultivation in South Africa amounted to 1600 hectares. At the end of 2019 that is predicted to exceed 2500 hectares. European supermarkets import this superfood from Africa in the winter season. Good substrate from BVB Substrates combined with the skills of dealer Mabu contribute to successful cultivation of these health beneficial berries.