Support from a distance

Just like many others our Sales Advisors are currently working from home. However they usually fill their days with visits to growers they have now found other ways to help our customers!

While our Sales Advisors are used to having a lot of visits to growers, they are now mainly working from home. However that doesn’t mean they aren’t in toutch with existing or new customers. No, they are busier than ever to help those out who need us!

Alternative ways to help

Since our Sales Advisors can’t visit as many growing facilities as they usually do, they have to use alternative ways to talk to customers and investigate issues. Even though it takes some getting used to on both ends, we have found many creative and effective ways to solve this issue. Depending on the preferences of Sales Advisor and customer different systems and software is used to share videos and images and to discuss issues. While a regular phone call can sometimes be enough, other situations call for video calls and the exchange of images.

Visits if absolutely necessary

For now, we only visit growers if the problems can’t be solved or spotted through the methods above. For example, if samples need to be taken to be analysed in our laboratories or if an issue is not visible through videos and pictures. Of course a safe distance from other people is kept at all times.

We’re here to help

During these though times we are here to help growers overcome issues and get the best results. If you need help, advice or information, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Advisors. We will get through this period together!