Medical Cannabis

The production of Medicinal Hemp, or Medical Cannabis comes with specific requirements. BVB Substrates offers substrates for medical cannabis that fit the needs of the mother plants, stimulate vegetative growth and support the development of flowers and buds.

High yields with tailored growing media

As the production cycle of medical cannabis is rather short, the plants develop quickly. To get optimal results, it’s important that the substrates used for medical cannabis strongly supports the different stages of the plant.

Young seedlings and cuttings for example need airy mixtures that support rapid root development. While the stability of the pH-level is of great importance during the flowering stage of the plant. BVB Substrates offers various mixtures for different stages of cultivation. Picking the right substrate will help you reach maximum yields in the most efficient way.


BVB Substrates PRO-Line for Medical Cannabis


Our PRO-Cuttings blend is the optimum solution for the propagation fase of medical cannabis. These substrate mixtures help you create optimum conditions for very fast rooting. The composition enables good grip, ensures very high air porosity and offers good water retention.


These substrates for medical cannabis have a strong structure, which is required for the flowering stage of plants. It is made of the highest quality, sterile and clean raw materials, from controlled origin. The PRO-Buds product line by BVB Substrates is the optimum solution for high growth.


This specialised product line contains substrates that fully support mother stock plants. PRO-Stock offers a stable and strong structure and is made of the best sterile and clean materials. Use BVB Substrates PRO-Stock for your mother stock plants for optimum performance.

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