Packaging options

BVB Substrates can package and deliver mixtures for you in a large number of ways. Customers can choose from delivery in individual packages, big bags or big bales, or bulk deliveries.

Individual packaging

We are able to deliver products in many different sizes of packaging due to our modern packaging lines. The size of the bags can vary from 3 to 70 liters a piece.
We stack the individual bags on wooden pallets and wrap them in waterproof shrink sleeves. This makes the stack more stable and ensures an hygienic way of transportation. This way we can guarantee the quality of the substrates over longer periods of time.

We can deliver substrate in many different sizes, here’s a short list of possibilities.
• 3 liter, 600 bags per pallet : 80 x 120 cm
• 5 liter, 400 bags per pallet : 80 x 120 cm
• 50 liter, 51 bags per pallet : 80 x 120 cm
• 50 liter, 72 bags per pallet : 80 x 115 cm
Do the sizes in this list not meet your wishes? We have many other options and can always discuss other possibilties.

Bulk deliveries

For customers within the Netherlands and in areas near the border in the surrounding countries, it is possible to deliver the soil without any packaging by truck.
Especially for this type of delivery we have the most diverse ways of transportation:
• Trucks with tipping or horizontal unloading system
• Cover dosing carts
• Silos or containers with a built in dosing system
• Bulk deliveries for immediate unloading
• Direct filling machines: a combination of optimum hygiene and the greatest of ease

Big Bags & Big Bales

In addition to the delivery of bulk orders, we also offer the option of receiving the desired products in big bags to customers outside of The Netherlands. This way of packaging is available in 1000 liters, 1250 liters, 1750 liters and 2000 liters.

In addition to the aforementioned ways of packaging, BVB Substrates also has the option of delivering in big bales. This way of packaging is most fitting for efficient long distance shipping. A number of customers now experience this way of packaging as a very flexible and relatively inexpensive alternative. Due to the large number of possibilities of our packaging machines we can offer you the freedom to choose to order big bales with a volume ranging from EN 2.25 m3 to 4.5 EN m3.

Compressing the product, which happens to create the big bales, makes it possible to load more volume on one pallet. This means a lot can be saved on packaging and transport costs.

Another additional advantage is that big bales are completely watertight. This way the quality of the product remains well guaranteed even during longer storage.