Kekkilä-BVB Research

For all our BVB Substrates products, quality is our top priority. We develop and improve our production and processes constantly, and we can safely say that our modern facilities set the trend. Thanks in part to our modern equipment, we can supply our customers with products with optimum levels of quality, reliability and consistency. We disseminate this knowledge to share it with growers and others in the field.

Research & Development

Knowledge is the driving force behind development. We are committed to the development and optimisation of new and existing substrates. We have 6 laboratories at our disposal. They are all fully equipped with research facilities which are unique in our sector.

These laboratories are capable of conducting thorough analyses of subtrates and raw materials using state-of-the-art equipment. We also have trial greenhouses (phytotrons) where all developments relating to our substrates and raw materials are subjected to rigorous testing.

Our process

Before a new substrate mixture is developed, several phases have been completed. From the vision of Kekkilä-BVB, research directions are defined within which projects can be initiated. A new project will only start if all preconditions are met. A new substrate to be developed must meet a large number of criteria at Kekkilä-BVB Research, such as general, chemical, physical and phytosanitary substrate properties.

The general characteristics relate, among other things, to the availability, environmental impact during extraction, transport, use and processing, possible reuse, food safety and the safe processability of the substrate (mixture) in the factory. In addition, there is always an efficiency consideration. Chemical substrate characteristics mainly focus on electrical conductivity, which is a measure of the total dissolved salts available to the plant and the pH or acidity of an extract of the substrate.

In addition, the composition of the main and trace elements in the substrate is important to obtain an optimal growing condition. In addition, it is checked whether there are too many heavy metals present.

With physical substrate characteristics, one should especially think of an optimal water-air ratio, the water absorption rate, the water retention (water retention), a good structure for rooting and sufficient stability of the substrate. With the phytosanitary properties, it is checked whether there are no weed spores and harmful and / or pathogenic micro-organisms in the substrate. In addition, no germ and growth inhibition should occur. Kekkilä-BVB Research works with professionally qualified people with a passion for product development and research into the properties of the product in order to improve the total end product.