BVB College

BVB College is our very own centre of knowledge. We are constantly gathering and sharing knowledge on substrates. We have partnerships with the agricultural university of applied sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch: "Hogere Agrarische School (HAS)" and Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Growers that use products by BVB Substrates can participate in these masterclasses. With their increased knowledge growers are more able to assess situations and the effects of growing media to improve efficiency and increase their return.

BVB College

Through our knowledge institute BVB College we offer growers short training courses that are the equivalent of a college education (HBO+). The master classes vary in length. We develop training courses that last a few hours, but we also offer master classes that take several half-days.


Which master classes we offer depends on the needs we recognize among our customers. For example, we regularly offer trainings in plant physiology and the effect of the pH-level of a substrate. In addition, training courses also take place in which we explain the (chemical) effect of the substrate on a crop.

We’ve seen that our customers are better able to make the right assessment for a mixture and gain mroe effectiveness and efficiency after participating in one of our exclusive master classes.

If you’re one of our customers, or considering to place your first order, you can contact us for more information on BVB College using this email address:

We organise different trainings throughout the year. Part of our master classes take place at our locations in de Lier and Grubbenvorst, but we also offer interactive, online editions of BVB College.

"The aim of our BVB College masterclasses is to share our knowledge and experience so we can all benefit and our customers get the most out of our substrates."

Guido Linders, Commercial director