Advice & support

Our sales advisors really know what they are talking about. We do not only advise you on our products and support you in how to use them for your crops, we can also advise you on what you grow. Most of our advisors have been growers themselves or have worked at growers before they started to work for BVB Substrates. This means they know what it is like to be in your shoes and they can provide you with the support you need and contribute to our shared goal: achieving success together.


In our laboratory we can perform a full chemical analysis of your water and soil samples.

From the results of the chemical analysis our sales advisors can advice on the best fertilisation strategy for the coming period. They can also help you find the best irrigation strategy, so that the roots of your plants are able to absorb enough nutrients and moisture, without getting too wet.

Our advice is supported by data from our own calculation programs, Digital Substrate Advisor (DSA) and Fertilising Made To Measure (FMTM).

Digital Substrate Advisor (DSA)

We have gathered a lot of information about our mixtures and the properties of different materials in them. The Digital Substrate Advisor (DSA) compiles all of this information to help us show our customers what changes in the substrate mixture can mean to its properties.

For example, adding 10% of cocopeat to a mixture can influence the airiness of the mixture, which in turn influences rooting of the plant. Adding perlite to a mixture might influence the uptake of water by the plant growing in that mixture.

By using the DSA we can compare mixtures based on these characteristics and we can help our  customers understand why we advise on a certain mixture for them.



Fertilising Made To Measure

Every cultivation is different and every grower has his own way of doing things. The way a grower uses fertilisation varies as well.

Adding fertiliser is a great way to influence the growth and yield of you crops. In general growers use PG Mix 12+14+24, which is okay in most cases. BVB Substrates however believes we can do better. That’s why we developed our FMTM system. Using this system we can add any suitable ratio of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) to your substrate.

We can calculate what ratio is best for your way of growing and your specific crops. This way you get the best foundation for growth.

Extra services

  • We can provide you with a periodic report of the fertilisers present in your substrate
  • We can send you a digital confirmation of your order to ensure the order is processed right
  • You can sign up for one of our masterclasses in BVB College to expand your knowledge of the mixture you’re using and the influence of substrates in general
  • BVB Research can perform analysis on your water and soil samples on request