Vegetables & Leafy greens

BVB Substrates supplies a wide range of substrates for the vegetables cultivation, from modern glasshouse hydroponic industry to open field cultivations. Substrates with different properties produced according to the requirements of the grower. Water retention, controllability, vegetative / generative nature, air ratio, volume and cultivation system are factors which need to take into account to get the best results. BVB Substrates has the best possible growing media for your situation.

BVB Substrates produces substrates especially developed for certain types of vegetables and leafy greens. These substrates enable growers to grow more healthy vegetables and leafy greens with less water and fertilizers, Using the right substrate also helps growers to grow more efficiently in less space, which makes producing these crops more sustainable all together.

The general benefits of using our tailor-made growing media for vegetables and leafy greens are listed below:

  • Sustainable
  • Light weight (multiple layers)
  • Food safety
  • Water saving
  • Uniformity in plants and yield
  • Environmental friendly
  • Maximize the kg yield per liter water used


Tailor-made substrates

BVB Substrates only produces tailor-made substrates. We can always provide our growers with advice and help them decide what would be the best mixture for their specific crop, growing methods and cultivation style. Since we produce substrates to order, we  are able to quickly attend to the changing market and supply growers with excellent tailor-made mixtures.

More information

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BVB Sublime

BVB Sublime is an innovative anorganic substrate. It is both airy and retains it’s shape extremely well. BVB Sublime is made of polyurethanfoam which is especially developed for use in vegetables and leafy greens. Because it retains moisture really well this type of plant grown extremely well in it. Other important benefits of the use of BVB Sublime are:

  • Clean substraat: no pollution of gutters.
  • pH 6.0
  • Homogeneous material with an even cell structure (both horizontally and vertically)
  • Light weight: positive impact on transport costs
  • No netpot required. BVB Sublime can be used directly in the gutters, which allows the roots do develop optimally.
  • Longer-lasting vegetables: lettuce can be sold in BVB Sublime plug

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