The Strawberry substrates from BVB Substrates are tailor-made and produced to fit the exact needs of the grower. Our Sales Advisors can advise the best solutions depending on for example the demands of the crop, water quality, cultivation and irrigation methods, preferences of the grower, or sustainability requirements.

The perfect propagation mixture

The propagation of strawberry plants usually takes place in Spring. That means that it’s time to order your materials now! It is crucial that the substrate that is used supports the development of the young plants well. For this purpose we offer special propagation substrates for strawberries.

Strawberry Green Propagation

Strawberry Green Propagation is the best propagation mixture we have to offer. It has been specifically developed for the propagation of strawberry plants in trays. The addition of BVB Accretio makes this mixture the sustainable alternative to Strawberry Premium and Excellent Propagation.

This propagation substrate consists of a high-quality tray mix of stable peat fractions, high-quality coco peat treated in our own factory, perlite and BVB Accretio. This combination of excellent raw materials makes Strawberry Green Propagation a substrate with the right airiness, fast water absorption and good long-term stability.

The substrate also appears to be beneficial for the cooling rate of the plants.

In addition to benefits for your plants, BVB Accretio also offers environmental benefits. This light weight, renewable raw material has a relatively small impact on the environment. We can also calculate the carbon footprint of all our mixtures to give you more insight into the sustainability benefits of our Green product line.

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Differences in strawberry growing

There are multiple methods for growing strawberries in combination with different plant types. Strawberries may be grown in gutters or containers. There are strawberry varieties that are grown for short period of time, and varieties for longer, more continued growing. Some strawberry varieties  bear fruit almost whole year round. Each method of growing demands a different, tailored, substrate. BVB Substrates composes the right mixtures with great stability, the right moisture levels and airiness for every grower’s needs.

Our sales advisers can help you decide what substrate is best for your situation.

BVB Accretio

BVB Accretio is a new, sustainable raw material by BVB Substrates. This raw material has great qualities and can improve the properties of the mixtures to which it is added. It is especially suitable for use in Soft fruits mixtures.


Types of strawberry substrates

In general we can provide growers with three types of products. Those are standard products from the product lines presented here, or tailored mixtures depending on your specific requirements.

Strawberry Premium Line

The Premium Line offers an optimal solution for varieties that are grown for a short period of time. All these products meet the requirements and conditions for different strawberry varieties.

  • Strawberry Premium Fruit
  • Strawberry Permium Propagation

Strawberry Excellent line

The Excellent Line has the highest quality substrates. All these products offer a stable mixture and the right balance in water and air- content which is extremely important to grow different strawberry varieties for a long period of time. We offer the following standard mixtures:

  • Strawberry Excellent
  • Strawberry Excellent Propagation
  • Strawberry Excellent Coir
  • Strawberry Excellent Coarse

Strawberry Green Line

This is our most sustainable product line. We use more sustainable alternative raw materials with excellent technical properties for these substrates. We can provide our customers with the environmental footprint of all these products to learn more about the sustainability implications.

  • Strawberry Green
  • Strawberry Green Short Accretio
  • Strawberry Green Long Accretio
  • Strawberry Green Lignima
  • Strawberry Green Propagation

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