The Raspberry substrates from BVB Substrates are tailor-made and produced to fit the exact needs of the grower. Our Sales Advisors can advise the best solutions depending on for example the demands of the crop, water quality, cultivation and irrigation methods, preferences of the grower, or sustainability requirements.

The cultivation of raspberries and blackberries requires an airy substrates that offer enough stability and a fitting water holding capacity. In addition, it is extremely important to avoid compacting the soil.

We pay attention to these factors when mixing the ideal substrates for raspberries and blackberries.

For growing cuttings and young plants we create specific substrates that meet the needs of the growing phase. In these substrates water holding capacity and stability are important as well.

In general we can provide growers with the standard products from the product lines presented on this page or tailored mixtures depending on your specific requirements.

Raspberry Premium

The Premium Line offers an optimal solution for varieties that are grown for a short period of time. The Premium raspberry mixtures meet the requirements and conditions for different raspberry varieties.

  • High quality raw materials
  • Optimal composition

Raspberry Excellent

The Excellent Line contains the highest quality substrates. All these products offer a stable mixture and the right balance in water and air- content which is extremely important to grow different raspberry varieties for a long period of time.

  • Safe for susceptible species
  • Retails water well
  • Excellent drainage properties

BVB Accretio

BVB Accretio is a new, sustainable raw material by BVB Substrates. This raw material has great qualities and can improve the properties of the mixtures to which it is added. It is especially suitable for use in raspberry and blackberry mixtures.

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Raspberry Green

This is our most sustainable product line. The raspberry substrates within this product line are suitable for both short- and long-term cropping of various raspberry species.

For all products within this product line, we can provide our customers with the environmental footprint to learn more about the sustainability implications.

  • Great technical properties
  • Sustainable alternative raw materials