The Blueberry substrates from BVB Substrates are tailor-made and produced to fit the exact needs of the grower. Our Sales Advisors can advise the best solutions depending on for example the demands of the crop, water quality, cultivation and irrigation methods, preferences of the grower, or sustainability requirements.

Growing blueberries

Blueberries can be grown in open soil or containers. Growing blueberries in containers can be more efficient and sustainable, but the blueberry bush has high demands regarding the substrate it grows in. From propagation to blueberry production the plant requires an extremely stable mixture with excellent moisture levels and airiness. The plant will be in the same substrate for multiple years in a row, which means there can’t be any compromises regarding quality.

BVB Substrates can supply growers with mixtures that meet all the requirements for eminent growth.

BVB TopClean

In addition to substrates we can also provide a suitable cover agent. The cover agent, BVB TopClean, prevents the growth of moss and other weeds, which saves the grower a lot of work. It also makes sure the top layer of substrate dries up quickly and stays in place even during transportation or windy weather. It is perfectly safe to use for soft fruit cultivation.

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Types of blueberry substrates

In general we can provide growers with two types of products, those are standard products from the product lines presented here or tailored mixtures depending on your specific requirements.

Blueberry Excellent line

The Excellent Line has the highest quality substrates. All these products offer a stable mixture and the right balance in water and air content which is extremely important to grow blueberries for a long period of time.

  • Blueberry Excellent
  • Blueberry Excellent Propagation

Blueberry Green Line

This is our most sustainable product line. We use more sustainable alternative raw materials with excellent technical properties for our Green substrates. For both products we can provide our customers with the environmental footprint to learn more about the sustainability implications.

  • Blueberry Green Long
  • Blueberry Green Propagation

Growing blueberries in open soil

If needed we can provide growers with our BVB Soil Improver made of white peat to add to the soil in open field production. This way the quality of the soil and as a result, the yield are optimised.



BVB Accretio

BVB Accretio is a new, sustainable raw material by BVB Substrates. This raw material has great qualities and can improve the properties of the Blueberry mixtures to which it is added.


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