Soft Fruits

Our substrates used for soft fruit production are a result of many years of experiences, trials and feedback from researchers, advisers and growers. We can supply the most suitable growing media for each soft fruit cultivation system. BVB Substrates is the specialist in substrates for the soft fruit sector.

Blueberry substrates

Blueberries can be grown in open soil or containers. Although growing blueberries in containers can be more efficient and sustainable, the blueberry bush has high demands regarding the substrate it grows in. From propagation to blueberry production the plant requires an extremely stable mixture with excellent moisture levels and airiness. The plant will be in the same substrate for multiple years in a row, which means there can’t be any compromises regarding quality.

BVB Substrates can supply growers with mixtures that meet all the requirements for eminent growth.

Strawberry substrates

There are multiple methods for growing strawberries in combination with different plant types. Strawberries may be grown in gutters or containers. There are strawberry varieties that are grown for short period of time, and varieties for longer, more continued growing. Some strawberry varieties  bear fruit almost whole year round. Each method of growing demands a different, tailored, substrate. BVB Substrates composes the right mixtures with great stability, the right moisture levels and airiness for every grower’s needs.

Our sales advisers can help you decide what substrate is best for your situation.

Blackberry and raspberry substrates

The cultivation of raspberries and blackberries requires an airy substrates that offer enough stability and a fitting water holding capacity. In addition, it is extremely important to avoid compacting the soil.

We pay attention to these factors when mixing the ideal substrates for raspberries and blackberries.

For growing cuttings and young plants we create specific substrates that meet the needs of the growing phase. In these substrates water holding capacity and stability are important as well.


BVB TopClean

In addition to substrates we can also provide a suitable cover agent. The cover agent, BVB TopClean, prevents the growth of moss and other weeds, which saves the grower a lot of work. It also makes sure the top layer of substrate dries up quickly and stays in place even during transportation or windy weather. It is perfectly safe to use for soft fruit cultivation.


Tailor made

We can always provide our growers with advice and help them decide what would be the best mixture for their specific growing methods and cultivation style. Since we produce substrates to order, we  are able to quickly attend to the changing market and supply growers with tailor made mixtures.

Substrates for soft fruits

In this short video we share what’s most important in substrates for soft fruits.

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Sharing knowledge

We have been organizing several grower conventions that focus on soft fruits for years now. The convention that was once called “Haasnoot Aardbei Symposium” is still one of the most important events within this segment. Every year we organize the “Aardbeiendag” (Strawberry day) in Brabanthallen in ‘s Hertogenbosch and the Soft Fruit Conference (ISFC) together with other parties.

We also organize special masterclasses in our BVB College to share knowledge with growers and other people in the field.

Adding fertiliser

It is possible to add aggregates to the mixtures. It depends on the specific needs of the grower which aggregate is added. We have to make sure the aggregate is of value for the plant that grows in the substrate. We usually add a basic mixture of fertiliser (PG-mix) to the substrate. We can use Dolokal to control and tune the pH-level of a mixture. On request we can add longlasting fertilisers, biological fertilisers or, for example, mycorrhizas.

Other additives that can help reach the desired physical property are perlite, bark and coir. Our sales advisors can help you find out what additives your cultivation would benefit from.

Growing in trays

We provide special substrates for misted tips and growing in trays. These mixes do not compact which is important for preventing root diseases.