Pot plants

A substrate supplies the plant with water and minerals such as phosphate and nitrogen. The correct moisture and an oxygen balance within the substrate is essential for healthy growth. The type of crop and the cultivation system used determine the optimal composition of the mix. Before we can offer the best substrate, we identify the specific wishes and circumstances. A grower's own influence such as his potting behavior, climate control, fertilizer tank composition and irrigation strategy determine the specifications of the mixture.

Flowering pot plants

Flowering pot plants have specific requirements for mixtures. We at BVB Substrates know the needs of each crop. In addition, growers have their own cultivation strategies. The mixture must suit this strategy. It is important that the roots have a sufficiently airy substrate, and the flowering phase has been taken into account. Moisture management for the crop can become more critical during that phase especially e.g. for poinsettia. Proper fertilization from the start for a stocky plant e.g. Kalanchoe, Pot Chrysanthemum and Pot Carnation is important for growth.

Green pot plants

Fast growth, solid quality and a beautiful plant structure, that’s how growers prefer to see their plants. BVB Substrates supplies you with the best substrate to achieve this. With easily available water, airiness and long-term stability, your green plants get everything they need. The type of crop and the cultivation system used determine the exact needs of the plants, and thus the optimal mixture of raw materials for the substrate.


We test the composition of substrates based on:

  • Type of plant material: cutting or plug
  • Type of irrigation system: drip, rain or ebb / flood system
  • Plant characteristics: large evaporator or succulent
  • Optimal pH and EC, required nutrient buffer during cultivation
  • Cultivation duration: a mixture for a short cultivation is subject to different requirements than those for a longer cultivation period
  • Pot size: capillarity of the mixture, firmness of the mixture


After we determine what substrate would be best and a grower takes it in to use, we stay close to advice the grower during the cultivation to get the best out of the mixture for the crop. By keeping track of the way a grower pots his plant, for example, we can see if it is necessary to adjust a mixture to make it even more efficient in terms of price / performance.

If desired, we can also assist by thinking about the fertilisation. BVB Reasearch is our own laboratory for conducting a 1: 1.5 analysis and a physical analysis of the substrate.