Cut flowers are sensitive to drought. For that reason, it is important that the substrate retains moisture well. BVB Substrates produces customised substrates for various cut flowers such as, roses, gerberas and chrysanthemums, in various growing situations.

Substrates for cut flowers

Cut flowers have special demands when it comes to the substrates the plants grow in. Growers want to achieve a large beautiful production of flowers and to be able to harvest rather “heavy” branches, because this determines their return. Our sales advisers help growers to determine the best mixtures for their situation. We don’t only look at the type of plant a grower is cultivating. We also check the circumstances the plants grow in and growing methods the grower uses. Substrates will be customised to fit the exact needs of the grower and the plants.

BVB Substrates has a lot of experience in customising mixtures for various crops such as carnation, calla, gerbera, cymbidium, anthurium, statice, bouvardia and roses. Below is a small selection of the various applications from our range. This is certainly not a complete list, but gives a good indication of our knowledge and possibilities. Feel free to ask our sales advisors about the optimal substrate for your cut flowers.


For the Dianthus, a coconut-based mixture is generally the best. Optionally, it can be mixed with Irish peat for a good nutrient buffer and a more stable pH. This mixture can be a good basis for the entire cultivation period of 2-3 years. The quality of the Grow Bag is just as important. The bag must be sufficiently thick and UV resistant. Together with the grower we coordinate the plant and drip holes to fit the dimensions of the mesh. We prevent fern growth as much as possible by using small cross-shaped drip holes and plant holes tailored to the plug size.

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The Bouvardia is a crop that requires great restorative capacity from the roots. It is important  water can be given regularly, without the Grow Bag or container remaining too wet. After the cut, the substrate must be able to drain quickly from excess moisture. We can adjust the plant, drain and drip holes in the Grow Bag to your needs when it comes to size, number, shape and location.



Cymbdiums and anthuriums require an airy substrate with a low buffer of nutrients because the crops are sensitive to salt. Double sieved, 2-6 mm perlite is suitable, but Basacube 1 x 1 x 1 cm and a mixture of rock wool with agrofoam can also ensure optimal growing conditions. It depends on the grower which mixture fits best.



Calla requires a solid mixture that quickly absorbs moisture and where the moisture is well distributed from the dripping installation. Calla needs a good buffer of nutrients to provide the fast-growing crop with sufficient nutrients.




The Gerbera needs an airy mixture to enable the uptake of a lot of water. This airiness is achieved by adding coarse coco chips. The coconut chips must be sufficiently rinsed so that the water remains clear and can be reused (after disinfection).