Ornamental Plants

We at BVB Substrates produce tailor made mixes for the cultivation of various ornamental plants such as cut flowers, flowering pot plants or bedding and patio plants. We will help you find the best substrates for your specific situation. Our Premium mixes are produced according the required physical characteristics such as water and air ratio, and chemical characteristics like fertilisation. In addition to the Premium mixes, we offer a wide range of Basic mixes, our standard growing media which is packaged in 150 liter and 200 liter bags or big bales.

BVB Compact

Our recent, promising innovation at BVB Substrates is called BVB Compact. It’s a new substrate specifically produced for ornamental plants. The new product already received a lot of attention and orders during our first tests at growers.

What does BVB Compact do?

Some plants tend to grow big too quickly, which causes them to look more scattered and less appealing to customers. Growers have to frequently slow down the growth of these plants chemically. This unfortunately not only slows down the pace the plant is growing, but it also postpones the moment the plant will start to bloom. Moreover, using these products isn’t cheap and their use influences the grower’s MPS-certificate (Sustainability) negatively.

BVB Compact is a mixture that ensures that plants stay more compact, because they can reach the available water less easily due to the composition of the substrate. The plant has to make more of an effort to get to the water, which causes the plant to focus on root development and growing a large and strong root system. This is a positive development, since good root system makes a strong plant.

In addition to that the use of BVB Compact causes the top layer of the substrate to remain a little more dry. This means the plants are less attractive to insects and mold that may cause damage to leaves.

More compact plants mean being able to grow more plants per square meter and having more appealing plants that are in proportion.

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In terms of market share, orchids are one of the largest plant family grown in greenhouses all over the world. Our orchid substrates meets the highest standards of orchid cultivation. The orchid market is a very dynamic and constantly changing market. At BVB Substrates we closely monitor the orchid market. Together with our in-house laboratories, we offer the best solutions to adequately respond to the changes in the orchid market. Growing methods and environmental developments are important pillars for us.


Our substrates for ornamental plants

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