BVB Substrates is the leading casing soil supplier for professional mushroom growers. Our broad experience combined with modern production facilities and a strong desire for perfection make BVB Substrates a reliable partner, thus we have a leading role in the sector. Hygiene is extremely important in the cultivation of mushrooms. Therefore, we produce and transport our casing soil according strict requirements and processes.


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Different moisture levels

We produce casing soil with different moisture levels, ranging from 68%-80%. The mixtures are tailored to fit our customer’s needs. We can also adjust mixtures to increase their processability.

BVB Substrates has developed it’s own assessment method for casing soils. We also have our own spray table to ensure a stable product and constant quality. We check water uptake capacity, pH-level and adhesive strength. Especially in the cultivation of mushrooms it’s tremendously important to constantly check the quality of casing soils.



Innovation and sustainability

We are currently working on even better new types of casing soil. We take the following topics into account. The casing soil has to:

  • have a suitable water-holding capacity
  • offer protection against dehydration of the compost layer
  • provide an optimal environment for the growth of mycelium
  • provide a constant acidity
  • have a good structure and suitable adhesive strength
  • be free of diseases and safe in use

Different types of casing soil

We can supply our customers globally with various types of mushroom casing soil. Each type of mushroom casing soil has it’s own unique properties and uses. With this animation video we aim to explain the differences and offer a little more insights into our product portfolio.

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