BVB TopClean

BVB TopClean is an organic covering agent that can be used to prevent the growth of moss and weeds .This covering agent is extremely suitable for use in tree nurseries. BVB TopClean can also be used for ornamental plants and soft fruits. BVB TopClean is thoroughly tested in our laboratory and at actual growers.

Product traits

  • Safe: extensively tested and completely safe for the crop
  • Moisture: permeable to water, quick drying, reduces the evaporation of the substrate
  • No waste: the cover material forms a solid top layer that stays in place during transport and wind
  • Applicability: can be used for both pot and open soil cultivation
  • Availability: available in big bag, big bale, 70L bags, or bulk.

More on BVB TopClean

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Composition & amount required

Chemical analysis

  • EC value: <0.5
  • Ph value: 4.5 – 5.0
  • No nitrogen fixation with conventional cultivation with conventional fertilizers


50% stable bark (topping bark 4/8)
50% bark wood

Based on practical tests at a number of our customers, the following quantities apply to larger, common pot sizes:

15-liter pots – 2.5 cm thick layer of BVB TopClean – 550 pots/m3
25-liter pots – 3cm thick layer of BVB TopClean – 370 pots/m3
25-liter pots – 3.5 cm thick layer of BVB TopClean – 315 pots/m3

Tree nursery: Vergeldt & Bouten Boomkwekers

Twan Bouten: “We have been using BVB TopClean for two years now. Using this covering agent realy saves us money. It also saves us a lot of extra work, because it prevents spilling the substrate when we move the pots. This way our tray fields, carts and trucks stay clean. It's great not to have to worry about weeds (mainly willow). With BVB TopClean on the pots we hardly have any problems with that anymore.” Picture: Rick Tissen, crop manager

Instructions for use

  1. Apply a layer of BVB TopClean of at least 1.5 cm to each pot.
  2. The top layer will become one solid layer after a number of times watering the plants. As a result, no material is spilled and the tray field and means of transport remain clean.
  3. BVB TopClean can easily be applied with any common dosing machine.
  4. The covering agent occupies approximately 10% of the pot volume. For that reason, a possible adjustment of the amount of fertilizer must be taken into account.
  5. The use of BVB TopClean reduces the evaporation in the substrate. Keep this in mind when setting the irrigation frequency.