BVB Substrates produces growing media for a big range of segments. For all segments we will look for the best solutions for our client's needs. We believe in a strong focus on our customer and his business in order to achieve the absolute best result together. We offer ready to use mixtures, but we excel in tailor-made mixtures that are composed for the specific crops and growing methods that are used. BVB Substrates is an expert in substrates for mushrooms and soft fruits, but offers great quality substrates and advice for young plants and propagation, tree nurseries, medicinal cannabis, ornamental plants and vegetables & leafy greens as well.

Medicinal Cannabis

The production of Medical Cannabis comes with specific requirements. BVB Substrates offers substrates for medicinal cannabis that fit the needs of the mother plants, stimulate vegetative growth and support the development of flowers and buds.



BVB Substrates supplies a wide range of products for the consumer / retail market. From universal potting soils to bottles of nutrients. But we also offer greenroof modules for residential buildings and small packaging growing media for, for example, orchids, roses and bonsai.

In short, products which you will find in garden centers and DIY-stores.

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