In addition to the professional grower, we also cater to the needs of the consumers. We offer a large range of potting soil, plant nutrition and mixtures for plants with special needs (like roses, heather and buxus). Next to that we also produce other related gardening products, like mixtures that can be used to create roof gardens. We also produce tailor made mixtures for private labels. All of these consumer products are solely for sale at retailers like garden centers.

Potting soil & fertiliser

BVB Substrates produces potting soil and soil conditioner for both private labels and BVB Substrates’ own brands. Our own private brands are called Jardino, Jardino Basic, Jardino Bio and VAM. We offer universal potting soil, patio planting soil, vegetable garden soil, garden soil, seed / cutting soil and mixtures for special applications such as orchids, roses, heather or cacti.
In order to allow plants to grow and thrive optimally, they need nutrition as well as water and light. The Jardino line includes liquid fertilisers and solid fertilisers such as granules. In addition to regular fertilisers, BVB Substrates also supplies organic fertilisers with organic additives.

Hydro grains

Hydro grains are made of pure and salt-free baked clay. They contain a very low concentration of elements. The quality of hydro grains is largely determined by the Ph. In addition the concentrations of Sodium and Manganese are important. Hydro grains are used for various growing methods, sometimes they are placed at the bottom of the flowerpot when growing on a substrate like soil. It is used as an additional drainage, so drainage and the supply of oxygen from below are more effective. Sometimes hydro grains are mixed in the substrate, to make the growing medium airier. The roots can also branch off better. As a result of the use of hydro grains the chance of fungi, mildew, and other plant diseases becomes minimal. 



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Ground cover

Ground cover, like bark, cocoa shells and Color Wood, is used to protect shrubs and trees. A ground cover prevents pathogens from reaching the roots of the plants and protects agains heat, cold and loss of water. It also makes gardening a lot easier and reduces the amount of maintenance needed, because it keeps the growth of weeds to a minimum. In addition to these practical benefits, it also has a nice, well-kept appearance.

BVB Urbanscape

BVB Urbanscape can be used for roof gardens. A roof garden (of green roof) is not just a pretty sight. It also adds to a healthy environment and offers a sustainable alternative for a roof covered in tar, pebbles or corrugated sheets. A roof garden decreases the chance of flooding and needs little maintenance. BVB Urbanscape can be used in new construction plans, and on existing roof coverage as well.


These brands sell our products

Among others, these brands sell our products. These products are certified by quality mark good soil. Click here to read more about this quality mark.

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