With 13 production locations throughout Europe, more than 500 employees and sales to more than 100 countries, BVB Substrates (part of Kekkilä-BVB) is the largest European producer of substrates in the field of sustainable garden products for the professional horticulture and consumer market. Growing from the professional market, we deliver the highest quality substrates. All our products contain easy-to-understand instructions so everyone can enjoy our products in a safe and sustainable way. We also produce tailor-made mixtures for private labels. Our products are certified by Quality Mark Good Soil.

Private label

BVB Substrates is specialized in packaging under private labels. We work closely with retailers to develop products that match their garden product category. In doing so, we take into account the needs of the market and can therefore respond to trends. In this way we put together the right product for the retailer. Our strength lies in a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of consumers, customers and trends within the gardening industry.

In addition to the range for private labels, we also offer various brands and products for your green category, such as Jardino, Jardino Basic, Florentus and Amica. We offer universal potting soil, patio planting soil, vegetable garden soil, garden soil, seed / cutting soil and mixtures for special applications such as orchids, roses, heather or cacti.
In order to allow plants to grow and thrive optimally, they need nutrition as well as water and light. The Jardino line includes liquid fertilisers and solid fertilisers such as granules. In addition to regular fertilisers, BVB Substrates also supplies organic fertilisers with organic additives.


Growing together for a better future

With our customers and stakeholders, we can create a future where we all, as an industry, are able to meet the global sustainability challenges and generate revenue in a sustainable way. Together with our customers we grow for a better future.

Contact BVB Retail!

Phone number: +31 (0) 77 366 93 99

Kekkilä-BVB Research

Kekkilä-BVB Research performs quality checks on raw materials and end products, ensures sample collection and analyzes within the quality system and contributes to the development of new substrates. Kekkilä-BVB Research has its own laboratories in the Netherlands, in addition, our research center also has laboratories and research resources in Finland.

Quality Mark Good Soil

Foundation Quality Mark Good Soil (QMGS) is an independent quality mark for potting soils for the consumer market. QMGS guarantees the quality, safety, composition, purity, and usability of the product. Also, corporate social responsibility, attention to environmental aspects, and accountability of product management are part of the quality mark. QMGS certification is carried out by Control Union, an independent and globally operating certification institute.

These brands sell our products

Among others, these brands sell our products. These products are certified by quality mark good soil. Click here to read more about this quality mark.

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