Bedding plants in mixture with BVB Wood Fiber

What’s special about our Wood Fibre

BVB Wood FIbre is a special raw material that has many advantages for cultivation. In this article you can read which properties the material adds to our substrates.

As described in our previous Wood Fibre article we use a modern, well developed production process to create BVB Wood Fibre. Not only is the material RHP certified, it also is entirely lump free.

We are able to offer BVB Wood Fibre in different grades and coarseness to create the optimal mixture to fit your needs.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art production line we are able to stabilise the material by impregnating it with Nitrogen. This way we make sure the material will not interfere with plant nutrients. We also add a component to colour the Wood Fibre to make the mixture look uniform, which can be relevant for retailers. The colouring does not impact the properties of the material in any other way.

Improved Hydro Dynamics

Now we know what exactly makes BVB Wood Fibre special compared to common Wood Fibre, it’s time to look at what it means to add it to a peat-based mixture. Next to adding stability and reducing shrinkage it also affects water and air content of a mixture in the following ways:

  • It increases airiness within the substrate.
  • BVB Wood Fibre causes a higher Oxygen diffusion rate (better “ventilation”).
  • It increases porosity.
  • It adds higher drainage.
  • The Wood Fibre improves re-wettability of mixtures containing peat as the fibres create a more even water distribution.
  • It Prevents substrate from becoming hydrophobic when it gets too dry.

All in all the addition of BVB Wood Fibre improves healthy and quick root development and can even reduce the “circling roots effect” that is common in Tree Nurseries.

Would you like to know more about our different types of BVB Wood Fibre, or are you curious if the addition of it can improve your results? Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information.