Raspberry Green rooting in 4,7L pot

Raspberry Green – examples of tailoring

Over the past months, Thwan van Gennip and BVB Substrates have been working together on the best tailored substrates for different raspberry plant varieties at his company.

Thwan van Gennip is internationally well known for the production of multiple types of soft fruits and the propagation of high-quality soft fruits plants and asparagus plants.

Increased water content in 1,8L pots

Raspberry Green rooting in 4,7L pot

The first example we’d like to highlight in this article is a mixture we’ve created for the plant variety Vajolet. This plant is grown with two plants per 1,8L container. They were planted in the new substrate mixture at the start of May.

In this case, we’ve tailored the mixture from the Raspberry Green line to have an increased water content in combination with the right air-filled porosity. This offers Thwan van Gennip more control over the crop. That’s desirable during the warm summer months. BVB Accretio is one of the main raw materials in this mixture because it adds a large water buffer, without reducing the air content.


Raspberry Green rooting

Ultimate hydrodynamics in 4,7L pots

In this case the plants are grown together with three plants per 4.7L pot. This is the Kwanza variety, which is extremely suitable for the Southern Europe climate. They were planted at the start of June and have been growing in this substrate for about five weeks now.

BVB Substrates created a tailored mixture within our Raspberry Green product line that offers a perfect balance between air content and water retention. Because of the relatively short growing period of this variety, it’s extremely important that the roots develop quickly. A good distribution of the roots is also highly relevant.

The main components of this tailored mixture are cocopeat, perlite and BVB Accretio. Once again BVB Accretio proves to be very effective in boosting strong and extensive root development, as you can clearly see in the picture.

The final property that we were after when creating this mixture is a high percentage of easily available water. This is something BVB Accretio is well known for as well.

Are you interested in a tailored mixture for your raspberry plants? Let us know and one of our Sales Advisors will contact you!