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Nursing every growth stage

Join us and our external speakers in this exciting 1-hour webinar and learn about different stages in the development of medicinal plants.

Date and time

June 16th 2022
5pm – London (BST), 6pm – Amsterdam (CEST)


During this dynamic webinar, we will visit various topics that are relevant to the cultivation of medicinal cannabis. Supported by knowledgeable experts and modern animations and videos we’ll take you on a journey through the different growth stages of this crop.

  • Interview with Agronomist Tom Forrest
  • Specialized growing media for different growth stages
  • LED technologies and light colours
  • Interview with Portuguese cannabis grower
  • Live Q&A with all experts

The production of Medical Cannabis comes with specific requirements. BVB Substrates offers growing media for medical cannabis that fit the needs of the mother plants, stimulate vegetative growth and support the development of flowers and buds. These growing media are composed of the best, safe and hygienic raw materials.

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