International Women’s Day!

We would like to use International Women's Day, taking place on March 8th, to celebrate the achievements of our female customers!

Annemiek Hofland is a Dutch businesswoman. She runs Hofland Flowering Plants together with her brother Frank. They are part of the fifth generation of Hoflands running this nursery.

Proud to be part of Hofland Flowering Plants

Annemiek’s company is located in the heart of the horticultural industry in the Netherlands. They produce various flowering plants in 4.4 hectares of greenhouses.

“I’m really honoured to be part of the 5th generation running this company. I love its history and everything we’ve already overcome as a family. I think it’s really great and interesting to find out more and more about the history of our company. Recently I came across the notary deed of the purchase of our first plot at the Lange Broekweg. It was really special to have a look at that!”

When asked what she likes most about her job, Annemiek replies: “I love the versatility of my days. Being an entrepreneur allows me to largely follow my own beliefs and to charge the course for our company.”.

Hofland Flowering Plants Annemiek Hofland

Working together for a greener world

We grow a variety of plants like Dianthus, Schlumbergera, Exacum Sapphire, Argyranthemum, and Calibrachoa. We grow our plants with the goal of growing a beautiful and high-quality product that people can enjoy for a long time, and with a great deal of care and attention for nature.” Annemiek explains. 

Sustainability and taking care of the world around us are important to Annemiek. This is also something she likes to focus on with her company:
Being able to contribute to a greener world is something I personally value greatly. I’m really glad we can contribute to that through Hofland Flowering Plants.

Teamwork is important at Hofland Flowering Plants: “It’s so much more fun and rewarding to work in a big team with the same goals, instead of having those little “islands” within your company.“.

Working in the horticultural industry

Annemiek grew up within the horticultural industry. “The horticultural sector is a beautiful sector to work in,” says Annemiek. “I love the green environment and working with a live product adds to the diversity of my job. Every day is different” she adds.

With this post, we’d like to show our appreciation to all the amazing women in horticulture!
Our industry could do with more women to keep flourishing 🌷