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Cannabis substrate and pH buffer

Substrates containing European peat offer an excellent moisture and nutrients buffer. In addition they also provide a buffer for pH. With this short article we'll focus on the perks of a stable pH level.

The high-quality European peat that we use in our substrates offers excellent physical properties when it comes to air content and hydro dynamics as described in a previous article.

In addition it can be extracted and sieved into different end products without any chemical manipulation to get the physical characteristics tailored to the specific needs of a grower.

Our qualitative peat also has great capabilities to buffer moisture, nutrients and pH. That final aspect is what we focus on in this article.

What does a buffer for pH mean?

Simply put it means that the material offers a relatively stable pH level that is not susceptible to unwanted changes. The pH level in substrates is subject to change when nutrients are added and processed by microbes or crops. When a grower isn’t aware of the ongoing changes this can cause harm to the development and growth of your cannabis plants.

BVB Substrates offers stability

To show you how peat in substrate adds this pH buffer we have visualised the behavior of the pH during fertigation within differently composed mixtures.

In conclusion, pH fluctuation as a result of adding fertiliser is less of a concern for your cannabis plants when you’re using our peat-based substrates.

BVB Substrates illustration different pH levels in different growing media

pH levels in different growing media

More control, less risks

A more balanced pH and more control over your fertilisation schedule and strategy also reduces the risks of contaminations. When growing in our clean, peat-based substrates growers worry significantly less about factors like heavy metals, human pathogens and pesticides.

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