BVB Substrates's blueberry Green growing media

Blueberry green: excellent rooting & great buffering capacities

Let's have a look at one of our product lines for blueberries: the Blueberry Green product line.

This is our most sustainable product line. We use more sustainable alternative raw materials, like BVB Accretio for our Green substrates. However, the most important property of these substrates is the fact that they offer great performance.

Extensive research and trials

At Kekkilä-BVB, we’ve been working on the development of the optimal substrate for blueberry cultivation for about three decades now. In the nineties, we started out with the use of peat-based mixtures. After extensive research and a lot of development that eventually lead to substrate mixtures containing peat, coir and perlite in 2008. This type of substrate became the worldwide standard for professional blueberry production in containers.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve continued the development of the optimal substrate for blueberries with a strong focus on sustainability.

Root development and health

Blueberry plants have a sensitive root system. Consequently, it’s highly important that the substrate you use offers the right environment for optimal root development. Our Blueberry Green substrates offer a very high air content, benefiting root growth and health. In addition, the high air-filled porosity of these substrates perfectly suits the vital needs of blueberry plants in containers.

Easily available water

This is the amount of water that is left within the substrate shortly after irrigation. Plants can take up this water with little capillary force, saving their energy for growth and development. The percentage of easily available water, sometimes also referred to as readily available water, is very high within this product line.

Structural stability and pH buffer

The unique pH buffer of these substrates results in a stabilised pH. It does not necessarily improve the uptake of nutrients but it makes the substrate chemically more forgiving.
Furthermore, a substrate from our Green product line offers a stable structure. This means that the mixture doesn’t compact, even over a longer cultivation period, which is crucial for blueberry plants.

Would you like to know more about using a Green product for your blueberry production or propagation? Reach out to our experts!