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  • Mushrooms in South-Australia

    Interview: Nick Femia (co-owner SA Mushrooms)

  • Breeding for taste in mushrooms

    Guest speaker: Arend van Peer – Wageningen University & Research

  • State-of-the-art production: Our new casing soil factory

    Rein van Grieken – Kekkilä-BVB

  • Peat-reduced casing with bio stimulant additives – Bioschamp project

    Guest speaker: Jaime Carrasco – CTICH

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Date: October 6th Time: 08:00 -09:30 CEST Can't make the live webinar? No worries, just sign up and we'll share the recording afterward.

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Rein van Grieken Rein van Grieken
Business line manager Mushrooms
Rein is one of Kekkilä-BVB’s experts when it comes to the international mushroom and blueberry industries.

Traveling has always been part of Rein’s life and he loves the freedom it brings and the way it helps him grow as a person. As a result he has visited and supported a lot of different mushroom growers all around the globe.


Arend van Peer - WUR Arend van Peer
Team leader Mushroom Research
Wageningen University & Research
Arend van Peer works as a team leader Mushroom Research at Plant Breeding of Wageningen University & Research.

His interest in fungi started during his Master’s in Biology at the RijksUniversiteit Groningen. Arend was intrigued by their physiology, genetics, and biotechnological applications. During his Ph.D. thesis, he soon realized that studies on applications of mushroom-forming fungi, other than as crops, were only just emerging. A whole unknown and exciting world was awaiting exploration!

Jaime CTICH Jaime Carrasco
Dr. Jaime Carrasco works at ASOCHAMP-CTICH (Spain) as a researcher. Besides, he is an academic visitor researcher at Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford. Jaime is the Innovation Manager for the BIOSCHAMP project, an EU-funded research project that aims to develop an alternative and sustainable peat-reduced biostimulant casing for the mushroom industry, reducing the dependency on and need for pesticides and contributing to improve the productivity, the sustainability, and the profitability of the European mushroom sector.




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