Interview: Blumenparadies Hasselt

Blumenparadies Hasselt is located right between the German cities of Kleef, Kalkar and Goch. The heart of every gardener will beat faster seeing the wide range on offer at this garden centre on 5,500 square metres. Bedding and balcony plants, roses, hydrangeas and house plants are some of the specialties on offer. ‘We try to delight our customers with ready-made concepts. BVB Substrates' special Jardino potting soils perfectly complement this.' says manager Richard Aymans.

Gardening center Blumenparadies Hasselt sells all types of consumer products at the German market.

Richard Aymans Blumenparadies Hasselt consumer products

Richard Aymans: manager Blumenparadies Hasselt

Since 2001, Aymans has been working with great pleasure at the well-stocked garden centre in Bedburg-Hau, where customers from the surrounding area come to buy garden supplies, he says. ‘Customers around here have large gardens, which they are very attached to. A garden is an important place for creativity and relaxation to them. They want to spoil themselves or others with flowers and ornamental plants. What could be nicer than helping them indulge in a treat?’

From living product to accessories

The extensive range of plants and flowers for gardens, balconies and living rooms is the foundation of the business. The garden centre buys fresh greenery every day, so that customers can count on the best quality. ‘Our climate-controlled walk-in greenhouse, where we present our arrangements and cut flowers, guarantees perfect freshness and long shelf life,’ explains the manager. In addition, Blumenparadies offers all kinds of decorative material for indoor and outdoor use, ranging from lanterns and table arrangements to Buddha statues and insect hotels.
Furthermore, customers can find the right fertilisers and potting soils for their garden or balcony.

Jardino: High-quality brand

Blumenparadies has been purchasing the latter from BVB Substrates since 2015, Aymans says. ‘We have been their customer since they introduced the Jardino brand to the market. They have developed a special mixture for each type of plant, for example rhododendrons,
roses, citrus plants and patio plants. In this way customers can be sure that the potting soil they buy has the right composition. The packaging also has an upmarket appeal. We get possitive feedback from our customers and have noticed that they are making repeat purchases. Sales are still growing.’

Staying on the ball

The German garden centre enjoys an excellent relationship with BVB Substrates, the manager tells us. ‘We have had very good experiences with Mr Sprada. He always shows enthusiasm, even when an order is added or changed last minute.’ Aymans is also very positive about the BVB College. ‘In this time of change, it is important to stay on the ball, to train and to share new insights with business partners, both in our business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships.’


Asked about consumer trends in garden centres, Aymans indicates that customers find experience increasingly important. Blumenparadies responds to this trend by organising special rose and hydrangea themed days, adventure exhibitions and a Christmas market. ‘It goes without saying that we serve coffee, cake and mulled wine at the Christmas market. Our rose and hydrangea-themed days include a presentation of our complete range as well as demonstrations, when we give customers tips on care. Especially on these days, the special potting soils for these products are quite popular, because our customers want readymade concepts, and that includes the right mixture. Furthermore, I predict that creative and beautiful presentation will become even more important in the future, as it encourages impulse buying.’