BVB College

BVB College is our very own centre of knowledge. We are constantly gathering and sharing knowledge on substrates. We have partnerships with the agricultural university of applied sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch: "Hogere Agrarische School (HAS)" and Wageningen University and Research (WUR). Both our employees and growers can participate in the master classes at BVB College. With the increased knowledge the growers are more able to assess situations and effects of growing media mixtures to improve efficiency and increase their return.

BVB College master class

The BVB College master class covers plant physiology, the ideal growing medium and the effectiveness of the right substrates.

The master class consists of three days, in which the exchange of knowledge and learning from the experiences of your peers are the key. The lecturer doesn’t only have theoretical knowledge, but is also able to put this knowledge into practice. All the students will also have a chance to visit one of our production sites. You will be shown how substrates are made and what is important in the process.

The master class is equivalent to a college education (HBO+ level), and requires basic knowledge of general plant physiology. 


The costs for participating in the BVB College masterclass is €395,-. This includes three meetings, all teaching materials and arrangements costs. During breaks sandwiches and soup will be available for all students.

The price mentioned above do not include VAT.

Themes of the classes

You will be working on cases with your fellow students and learning from them as well as from your teacher.


What does a plant need to grow and develop well? Why is the use of a good substrate important? In this class you will learn about the importance of the type of substrate for the uptake of water and nutrients.


During this class you will learn how we develop and produce the ideal substrate for optimal growth. You will also get a guided tour around our facilities to see this process for yourself.


In this final class we will briefly summarise the main things you’ve learned and seen in the first two classes. In addition you will learn how you can use the ideal substrate to control the cultivation you are growing to produce optimal yield. We will also work on a case study together, which will be discussed together.



"The aim of our BVB College masterclasses is to share our knowledge and experience so we can all benefit and our customers get the most out of our substrates."

Guido Linders, Commercial director

Course schedule

We’ve already organised several, successful master classes in the past. We are continuously gathering knowledge for, and working on new masterclasses.

The following courses at our location in De Lier are scheduled:

  • BVB College Plant physiology and substrates: 3 day course on Tuesdays – 5th of November, 12th of November and 26th of November
  • BVB College Acidity: 1 day course on Tuesday 29th of October


Sign up for a BVB College

Do you want to sign up for the next masterclass, or do you want more information about the topics?

Please contact:
Marielle Leijsten

Phone number: 077 366 93 90