BVB Research

BVB Research performs quality checks on raw materials and ready to use mixtures, guarantees sample collection and analysis within the quality system and contributes to the development of new substrates of excellent quality.

Laboratories and a greenhouse

BVB Research has its own laboratories in De Lier and Grubbenvorst and a greenhouse where tests are carried out in De Lier. In De Lier, chemical, physical and phytosanitary analyses are performed on substrates to learn about the properties of different mixtures. In the greenhouse, among other things, growth tests and weed tests are carried out. We also investigate the influence of LED on substrate selection in collaboration with Philips.


Research on mushroom casing soil

At our location at Grubbenvorst we mainly perform research into the improvement of casing soils for mushroom growing. We use a unique spraying installation in a fully automated and air-conditioned spraying room to pinpoint the specific properties of an optimal substrate. BVB Research regularly collaborates with knowledge institutions (such as HAS Den Bosch and WUR), suppliers and buyers to come up with new developments and innovations.

The product development process

Various phases are completed before a new substrate mixture is developed. Based on our corporate goals and values we determine what themes and topics will have to be investigated. We use these themes to base our research upon. A new type of substrate must meet a large number of criteria at BVB Research before it will be developed.

The substrate has to have specific general, chemical, physical and phytosanitary properties. The general characteristics relate, among other things, to the availability, environmental impact on extraction, transport, use and processing, the possible reuse, food safety and the safe processability of the substrate (mixture) in the factory.

Within BVB Research we have nine skilled and qualified people that are passionate about product development. We strongly believe research into the properties of the product is essential to improve the final products. We always consider the efficiency of the substrate and its production.

Substrate characteristics

When it comes to the chemical substrate characteristics, electrical conductivity is the main concern. Via electrical conductivity we measure the total dissolved salts available for the plant and the pH or the acidity of an extract of the substrate.

The composition of the main elements and trace elements in the substrate is important in order to achieve an optimal growing condition. We check whether the amount of heavy metals present in the mixture is alright.

When we look at the physical characteristics of the substrate the way it deals with water is of importance. We check the water-air ratio, water absorption rate and water retention of the mixture. Next to that it is important to ensure a good structure for rooting and sufficient stability.

Finally BVB Research makes sure there are no traces of weeds and harmful or pathogenic micro organisms present in the substrate. This way we make sure germination and growth inhibition don’t occur. These are all phytosanitary properties of a material.


What does BVB Research do?

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“BVB Substrates is one of the largest producers of substrates and therefore has the responsibility to be sustainable.

Jos Amsing, BVB Research

Development of new components for substrates

To be able to ensure our customers of the best quality substrates in the future, we are actively developing new materials. First we have conducted research into the raw materials and mixtures we already use. We have pinpointed the properties of different materials. This way we know what we are looking for in new materials.

To be able to conduct research on the right level, we even took a new phytotron into use. A phytotron is an enclosed research greenhouse used for studying interactions between plants and the environment.

Sustainable products

BVB Research is the market leader in product development and sustainability / sustainable alternatives. We have discovered a way to generate electricity from biofermentation processes. We have developed substrates made from recycled glass, we found ways to reuse casing soil from mushroom growers and we have developed press pots and casing soils that are less harmfull to the enviroment due to the use of alternative raw materials that can be dried.