BVB Accretio

BVB Accretio is a new, sustainable raw material by BVB Substrates. This raw material has great qualities and can improve the properties of the mixtures to which it is added.


BVB Accretio is an excellent, sustainable raw material for substrates. It has high water retention rates and ensures a quick absorption of water. It can even retain up to 25 times its own weight in water! Next to that it creates air porosity in growing media, which is beneficial for the plant roots. Some recent tests even show the use of BVB Accretio in a mixture can help good rooting to take place a little sooner than usual.

Research with Belgian research center

Together with research center “Proefcentrum Hoogstraten” extensive research into the properties of BVB Accretio and the use for of it for strawberry growing has been conducted. We started working together on new developments in strawberry growing in 2012.

The first tests with BVB Accretio for long term cropping of strawberries were carried out in 2018. In these tests BVB’s new raw material was added to the mixtures used for the cuttings. Four different mixtures were compared in these tests. One of the mixtures consists of 50% BVB Accretio and 50% Cocos. All mixtures show good rooting and production figures. The speed at which rooting took place was best in the mixture with BVB Accretio. The moss adds airiness to the mixture, which could explain the rooting speed. The speed at which the cuttings develop roots is also important to fight the wellknown fungal disease Phytophthora.

Have a look at this article to find out more about the results of this research.



Sustainable raw material

So, what is this great raw material exactly? When we talk about this new sustainable raw material for substrates; BVB Accretio, we refer to the almost 400 species belonging to the genus of Sphagnum moss.


Finland has approximately 300.000 hectares of land area suitable for harvesting. It is collected from peatlands that were previously drained for forestry. Sphagnum moss grows approximately 10 mm per year. This means that after harvesting, moss regrows quickly. The collecting cycle is estimated to be less than 30 years.

Environmental impact of BVB Accretio

In addition to the fact that the extraction of the raw material has minimal impact on the ecosystem, it also has a relatively low specific weight. This means that the transport of BVB Accretio has a small environmental footprint.


BVB Accretio can be used in blends to which coir is usually added. It is used in, among other things, mixtures for young plants and propagation, perennials, deciduous shrubs, bedding plants, leafy greens, vegetables, mushrooms and soft fruits.

The use of BVB Accretio in mixtures has various benefits for the crops. For example, a mixture with BVB Accretio in it is fine but airy and has a good drainage. Next to that it ensures a good distribution of moisture in the mixture.

The fine, airy structure of BVB Accretio and sufficient easily available water ensure good rooting. Rooting takes place quicker than in most substrates made of other materials. BVB Accretio also improves the substrate’s
buffer for pH and fertilizers.

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Chemical analysis

EC: <0,1
pH: 4,0

Moisture content 38%
Density (dry) 80 kg/m3
Pore content 95%
Easily available water 42,8%
Organic matter 95% DS


The properties above show that the use of BVB Accretio in a mixture improves the crop’s access to easily available water.