Raspberry Green – examples of tailoring

Over the past months, Thwan van Gennip and BVB Substrates have been working together on the best tailored substrates for different raspberry plant varieties at his company.

How Trichoderma affects mushroom growers

Mushroom growers face many challenges to protect their crop. One of the main issues that causes large crop losses in Europe is the presence of Trichoderma.

Interview: Partnership AMA Horticulture

In this article we focus on the special and unique partnership between BVB Substrates and A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. We spoke with Connie Bradt-Monsma, Managing Director, and Elise Johnson, Marketing and Communications Manager, about A.M.A.’s values, goals and what makes our relationship not only work, but grow and flourish.

Interview blueberry farm – Berry Blue

Our focus is on customer success. We love to be able to support growers in new adventures and help them optimise their production. We know growing comes with a lot of challenges and that's why we love to share the stories of as many growers as we can. In this article we focus on a beautiful blueberry farm in Serbia!

Interview plant propagator van den Elzen

The quiet roads surrounding the village of Erp are flanked by alternating fields of asparagus and strawberries. Van den Elzen Plants has certainly made its mark on the landscape of this sandy region in the province of Brabant. And, extending to an international scale, growers appreciate the quality of the plant material produced at the nursery. This quality is closely linked to choosing the right suppliers of raw materials. Substrate is not something you should economise on, according to van den Elzen.

Interview Mushroom grower

Supplying precisely what customers want: that is the motto of the innovative German family-run Rheinische Pilz-Zentrale (RPZ). The continued growth of the company goes to prove the success of this strategy. German consumers highly value the sustainably and locally grown mushrooms, which are the perfect fit with a healthy lifestyle.

Interview Tree Nursery – Eurotree

Wilbert Christiaens and Eef van Os grow a wide range of conifers, shrubs and topiary plants. They own approximately 100 hectares of open, greenhouse and container fields in Melderslo, Limburg. ‘What are we good at? Why not ask us what not,’ jokes Wilbert. Then, seriously: ‘Our strength lies in the quality of our products. We work neatly, comply with agreements and stand for fair trade.’

Interview Orchid grower – Artisan

Wilco Verhoeven, owner of Artisan Orchid Nursery in the Netherlands, tells us all about the journey Artisan has made in recent years and the supporting role that BVB Substrates has played and is still playing.

Interview with soft fruits grower

Thwan van Gennip produces strawberries and raspberries and propagates strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and asparagus plants. Quality is key. He ensures quality by using a network of reliable and professional consultants and suppliers. BVB Substrates is one of those. In this article Thwan van Gennip talks about his goals as a soft fruits grower.