About us

BVB Substrates is an international substrates producer and supplier that was founded over 100 years ago by a Dutch family. The company creates substrates for many different segments and has been active globally for many years. BVB Substrates has various locations spread throughout The Netherlands and Germany. In total over 250 employees work to perfectly supply all of our customers with substrates every day.

Focus on customer success

We provide our customers with professional advise on their specific circumastances and tailor-made products. We can produce and deliver on short term, but we also offer the benefits of a large and diverse company. We conduct research and (quality) tests in our own, advanced laboratories, test greenhouse and phytotron. This way we are able to ensure the quality and stability of our products and innovate and optimise continuously.
BVB Substrates also has its own trucks, over 70 of them. This means that deliveries can always be made quickly and flexibly. This way we can assure our customers of an optimal knowledge-quality-price level.

Modern factories

We have several production locations where we produce our substrates. At each location we have suitable storage options and covered production facilities. This way we can guarantee punctual deliveries even in extreme weather conditions. In the production of our mixtures, we use the most modern techniques such as computer-controlled mixing lines and an extensive sieving machine.

A Dutch family-owned business

Dutch entrepreneur, Maarten van Buuren, started a business to supply cattle farms with fresh straw in 1908. Over the next few years, his company expanded greatly. In 1940, Bas van Buuren and his brothers took over the family business and started focusing on the horticultural sector. Eventually, Bas continued running the company on his own, and in 1967 the BVB Substrates brand came into existence.

Over the years, this Dutch brand gradually became the number one supplier of substrates in the Netherlands and its surrounding countries. The business then expanded overseas and exports became a big part of the company’s sales. Raw materials starting arrived from all over the world, and BVB Substrates expanded to five production sites in the Netherlands.

Eventually it was decided that the company, which was still owned by the van Buuren family, should join forces with the Finnish substrate supplier Kekkilä, and in 2019 a new company called Kekkilä-BVB was created. The BVB Substrates brand name became one of the two big product brands for professional growers offered by this company. Read more about our company history and our shared expertise at www.kekkila-bvb.com.

Kekkilä BVB

Benefits of BVB Substrates

• Wide range of products composed of high quality raw materials
• Good price-quality ratio
• Expert sales advisors
• Moderne production sites and covered storage
• Professioal laboratories and research facilities
• Guaranteed quality; ISO 9001 certified, RHP quality mark
• Wide delivery options through our own logistics services
• Multiple production sites throughout The Netherlands and Germany
• Global, reliable network distributers
• Excellent service and flexibility

Career opportunities

Are you interested in working for Kekkilä-BVB?

Have a look at our international job openings on our company website: Kekkilä-BVB.

Video of our production process

Has all this talk about substrates made you eager to see how they are made? In this video we take you on a tour at one of our production sites.

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Our mixtures

Substrate is the collective name for all growing media we produce. Our soil mixtures make up the biggest part of the growing media. These mixtures are made of various natural raw materials and components. Every raw material has it’s own properties and physical characteristics. This makes each raw material suitable for specific uses.

We always check the uniformity and stability of our raw materials. We work with trusted suppliers that can guarantee a constant quality. Most soil mixtures consist of Sphagnum moss, peat and / or cocopeat. In addition to that components like pumice, perlite, coco fiber, bark, sand and clay are added to gain certain characteristics in the mixture.


Biological mixtures

Different rules apply when composing mixtures for organic cultivation. BVB Substrates has a wide range of raw materials that meet these demands. By using these raw materials wisely, we can incorporate the properties that you, as a grower, need into the mixture.

Next to that we offer a wide range of options in fertilisation as well. We can supply your crops with the right amount and composition of fertilisation via the substrate by using varioud organic materials. Together with you as our customer we create a blend tin accordance with the guidelines of Regulation 889/2008.

News & events

Do you want to check our latest developments? Are you curious about upcoming BVB College masterclasses, or do you just want to know what we are currently working on? Then take a look at our news items.