Professional horticulture

BVB Substrates is known as a substrate supplier with a wide range of substrates for the professional horticultural sector. Most of our products are produced according to our customers requests.
Depending on the customers demands in respect to air content, structure, water capacity, starting fertilization, technical installation (heating,  watering) en many other circumstances we are able to produce the best suitable product.

Substrates for flower and vegetable cultivations:
• Bedding plant mixtures
• Potplant mixtures
• Sowing and cutting mixtures
• Mixtures for pressed blocks
• Potting mixtures with various additives, like perlite, French bark,
   rice chaff, volcanic sand, pumice, clay, cocos products, and sand.
• Adding of various slow release fertilizers, both chemical and also
   biological for biological cultivations.
• Substrate mixtures for Strawberry and fruit cultivations
• Orchid potting mixtures with Bark, Sphagnum, cocoschips and peat  
• Orchid/Cymbidium mixtures of Rockwool granulate and Aggrofoam
• Orchid young plant mixtures
• Tree Nursery mixtures
• Tray mixtures

Cocos products:
• Cocopeat RHP substrate
• Cocopeat 25
• Cocochips fine and Medium
• Cocogran Pit (Patented)
• Cocofibre
• Cocos grow bags for various cultivations
• Various fine and coarse cocos mixtures

Rockwool Products for flower and vegetable cultivations:
• Basalan-rockwool 1 year
• Basalan-rockwool 2 year
• Basalan Solide rockwool for several years usage
• Basacubes (= Rockwool cubes) 1x1 cm. and 2x2 cm.
• Rockwool granulate
• Rockwool pots
• Rockwool plugs
• Rockwool Gerbera Blocks

Additional to the mentioned Substrates:
• Oasis granulate fine and coarse, or water repellant
• Oasis plugs and cylinders in various sizes
• Perlite in various gradations especially for vegetable or flower       
• Several concentrations of Burafer-Ironchelate
• Bark for decoration
• High quality Bark in several gradations
New generation of orchid substrates: BVB Allure
In terms of market share, orchids are one of the largest plant family grown in greenhouses all over the world. Oddly enough, these plants are grown in a medium that involves an awful lot of risks. Three years ago, BVB Substrates therefore set itself the challenge to develop a new - and above all safe - substrate for the cultivation of orchids. Our effort have been successful, and we now proudly present BVB Allure. BVB Allure offers many advantages. To name but a few: it is safe and clean in phytosanitary terms, it can be effectively controlled, it is available all year round and it has a stable structure.
For more information about BVB Allure, click here.


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